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Please fill out the form below to register for our series of Course Talks on Zoom. Upon hitting submit to this form, you will receive a link to join the monitored Zoom event. You can attend as many of the Course Talks as you’d like; you will be sent a private link for accessing each date that you select below.
NOTE: The calls will be recorded for later viewing if you are unable to make any of the listed dates below.
You can submit questions via this form or by utilizing the chat feature during the event. We look forward to helping you prepare for Sea Otter Classic 2024!
Course Talk Schedule:

February 8: Fuego XL/XC and Fuego SHORT – 4PM PST – Course discussions, and Q & A 


March 7: Carmelo/Pacifico/Robles – 5PM PST – Routes discussion and Q & A

April 4: Gravity Events: Downhill, Dual Slalom and Enduro – 6PM PST Course discussions, and Q & A


2024 Course Talk Registration

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When you click submit below, we will email you the Zoom link to the Course Talk.
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