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Each road to Sea Otter is unique, and we celebrate all roads [dirt, gravel, or paved 😉] that get us to Monterey every April. All culminating in the biggest celebration in cycling. We are here to celebrate the many ways to get there and the magic that happens during: from the seasoned racer or the family to the first-time rider.

Meet our #SeaOtterAmbassadors, beginning with our leader of the pack, Alison Tetrick.

Follow along as Ali and the rest of our #RoadToSeaOtter team gets ready to race, ride, camp, and celebrate bikes this April!

Alison Tetrick

Lead Ambassador

Home Base: Petaluma, CA

Disciplines: Gravel, Road


I am Ali Tetrick and I am a cowgirl turned tennis player turned professional cyclist for Specialized. I am a traumatic brain injury survivor, but even though the bike almost took my life – it saved my life in so many ways. It brought me YOU – this beautiful community. The Sea Otter Classic was my first professional race in 2008 and from that moment on, I knew I had found my place. I am a free-range entrepreneur that loves to give back to the community, get more people on bikes, and support education and opportunity for all. After racing around the world at the World Tour level, I won Unbound 200 and was inducted into the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame in 2023. But it isn’t about results for me. It is about showing up. Getting to start lines. Spreading the love of bikes and making our amazing sport more accessible for all.

Still working out my schedule, but you can definitely expect to see me on the Family Off-road Tour, Gravel race, and Road race!

I started racing for the USA National Team and then into World Tour Road cycling – but now, I am a proud member of gravel royalty. There is no wrong way to ride a bike. If you are riding a bike – you are doing it right.

Right here in my hometown of Petaluma, California. It is the center of my universe and after racing around the world, I still have to say that I think I have the best training and exploration grounds that there is to offer. Come ride with me to critter watch, find oysters, soak in the views, and bump along the rough Sonoma tapestry that we call our pavement. It is pure heaven on wheels.

My Grandpa. I call him Grampy. Paul Tetrick. He is the man that introduced me to the sport of cycling. He didn’t start racing until he was in his 50’s but he raced well into his 80’s (17x USA National Masters Championships). He always told me I should race a bike but I was a collegiate tennis player and scientist. I never believed his belief in my abilities as an endurance athlete until one day, I donned the dorky lycra and never looked back. Cycling became our love language. He taught me that sports are timeless and cycling always has a way to remind you to be humble. He was always the first person I called when I would win, lose or draw. He would absorb my raw emotions, process them, take a deep breath, and ask me what I could have done differently. Cycling brought me closer to him. I miss him every day. There is never a ride I go on that I don’t wish he would be there with me, dropping me, and in his unique way, making me stronger than I ever knew I could be. 

I eat all the foods. All the foods. I also like them mid-ride. I am going to go with carnitas nachos at this moment but that’s just because I am hungry.

I am a domesticated house cat – even if my hair usually looks like a lion. I like the comfort of my own home but I love to roam in the great outdoors. I will purr for attention but if I get overstimulated, I will hiss. I love to take hot laps around the house or the expanses of outside. But you can also find me hiding under a bed, staring, napping, and pondering my next great escape.

I don’t get tired when I ride, so I guess never hungry? I am always hungry.

Hi. It’s me. I’m the problem. I signed up for this. All you can do is be better or change it. Forward progress, take care of yourself.

The Sea Otter Classic is like if our powers combined… oh wait, they did. It is the biggest bike party where you still get to race or do whatever you want in the world. I am home at the Sea Otter Classic.

My first memory is sitting on the sidelines watching the women’s professional circuit race. I watched Tiffany Cromwell solo to the win on the infamous Laguna Seca circuit. I thought, I want to be like her someday. She is bold. She is fearless. She is so strong and beautiful. Fast forward a few years – Tiffany and I got to race “against” each other for the last decade on the road. And now, she joined me in gravel as well and we get to race all over the world together. I just can’t forget that moment when I was so inspired by the amazing feats of athlete prowess at the Sea Otter Classic. And it doesn’t matter if you are racing for the win or trying to finish or visiting the festival. It is just a place to celebrate the outdoors. 

The other best memory is stopping by a Cross Country (CX) MTB race to watch one certain handsome man win his category in the race. He slid through the sand taking a 180-degree sandy turn around a rival rider. He crossed the line victorious. He hugged his competitor. They laughed and celebrated their day. Sea Otter Classic is all about love. He hugged me. And then I knew I needed this man in my life, well, forever. Turns out that was 2019 and now we are married. It is a memory that I will never forget. It was a celebration not only of bikes, but of love and so much more. Connection. Family. Love. Fast forward to 2022 at the Sea Otter Classic, this very same man, Blaize Baehrens (I like to call him B Bear (I use 🐻)), proposed to me at the conclusion of the Sea Otter Classic. We rode our bikes up to my Grampy’s favorite climb in the area. We said hello to him. And the [bear emoji] proposed. I almost forgot to say yes. And that folks, is a Sea Otter Classic happily ever after. But don’t worry, we aren’t done yet.

Jenny Sterling

Home Base: Roseville, CA

Disciplines: Gravel, Road


Cycling Jenny

I started riding about 10 years ago and fell in love with seeing the world by bike. For me, there’s nothing better than riding an iconic, scenic road or tackling a big climb and enjoying the views at the top. I spend a lot of time researching places to ride, planning routes and building trip itineraries. Riding bikes in new places really excites me and sharing information and details about different locations and events brings me the most joy. I’m all about a ride bucket list and helping others cross rides of their lists too!

Road is my first love, but I am riding more and more gravel lately and really love it too!

I feel fortunate to live in Sierra Foothills where we have some great riding and climbing, but when I get tired of my local routes, my favorite place to ride is Healdsburg in Sonoma County. During the week, I love riding the American River Bike Trail from Folsom because it’s car-free, and therefore stress-free, and I can get a good ride in after work without worrying about rush hour traffic. Plus it’s so beautiful year-round.

My partner, Brian. I come up with spontaneous ride ideas and I’m always planning routes and signing us up for events, and he is always game for anything!
A Bee. I like to stay busy and work hard to accomplish my goals.
I wish I never got hungry! I can handle tired legs on a ride but there’s nothing worse than getting hangry.
I love climbing and my partner calls me The Little Engine That Could when we’re on long climbs because I just get in the zone and say “I think I can, I think I can” until I reach the top.

Sea Otter is definitely the best festival I’ve ever attended, and I tell friends it is like Coachella for bikes! It’s so fun to visit all the vendor booths, talk to different brands, pick up some swag and enter drawings for free gear. I love being able to socialize with other folks that love riding, meeting IG friends in real life, doing social rides with friends and my favorite bike-lebrities, and watching the pros race. Whether you come for one day or the entire weekend, there’s something for everyone and it is truly a good time!

My first year always feels memorable because I didn’t know what to expect. I heard about the festival and decided to drive 3 hours to Monterey for the day to check it out. I was blown away at the number of tents at the Expo and of course I was pretty pumped about the freebies. Seeing all the athletes and races going on was also very inspiring and was incredible to watch. Being around so many people that love bikes as much I do was so exciting, and I’ve never missed a Sea Otter Classic weekend since!

Tasha Rose Tinagero

Home Base: Chico, CA (although currently living the van life!)

Disciplines: Enduro, XC, Dual Slalom, EMTB, Gravel, Fixies


Tasha Tinagero

Originally from the land of Paul Components and dang good beer — Chico, CA, cycling has been my lifelong passion, beginning from the moment I first touched pedals. My journey has led me to raise over a quarter of a million dollars for youth cycling nonprofits, co-found fixed gear clinics for Red Bull’s Mission Crit, and establish the SBT FLM FST while directing and producing films that highlight underrepresented voices in cycling. Formerly a San Francisco bike messenger, my definition of professional cycling has evolved over the years. Now, I thrive on gravel and dirt, preferably singlespeed, while living in my converted van “Rodeo” with my dog Oatie, chasing podiums, capturing stories, and fully immersed in the bike life from red rocks of Moab, to the edge of Mount Fuji in Tokyo, Japan.
MTB babyyy! Though closely followed by gravel. But a great MTB can be made into just about anything you need when limited on space, as I’ve learned from living the vanlife!
Oh this is tough, my heart will always be tied to my fixed gear days around the streets of San Francisco. But Moab, UT is my home for a chunk of the year, and you truly can’t beat the versatility of the riding out there.
I’ve been pretty blessed to ride with some stellar athletes and humans in my time on the bike, so let’s say — YOU! Whoever you are, and wherever you want to ride, let’s stoke each other out on why this sport is the best.
Slamming a glass bottle coke and crushing some tacos is my go-to.
The honey badger, as provided to me by my friend!
Never get tired! I’m always down for ride snacks.

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” ― Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

(Our time on this earth is a short trip, go out, play, and enjoy your time with wonderful people.)

Sea Otter is a mix of outstanding bike racing and one big family reunion! What a delight it is to race against the best in the world, while capping off our days with friends from around the world across EVERY division on the sport! See your gravel buds, cheer for your roadie friends, and high-five your favorite mechanic all in one event.

Victor Boyce

Gravel Bike California

Kid at heart. BMX roots. Graduated to road. Discovered mountain biking and got reinvented. Never had a bad day on the bike. Almost cried when GCN+ shut down. Live by the N+1 rule. 14 bikes in the bike cave. Not a curmudgeon…. have steel, lugged, rim brake bikes. Next to carbon, disc brake axs bikes , XC, single speed… I love and have it all!

Santa Monica mountains
It is absolutely the Sea Otter classic because I’ve never been to Majorca 😁
I always love the cross country race at Sea Otter, it’is the highlight of my weekend. However, I also enjoy the expo. The first time I ever rode a Brompton was at the expo. The first time I ever rode a bicycle made of wood was at the expo. The first time I ever rode a fat bike was at the expo. There’s always cool new stuff to see and I’m a total bike geek so it’s like I’m in heaven.

Zachary Rynew

Gravel Bike California

Whether through advocacy, writing or exploration, Zachary Rynew is passionate about bolstering this special community behind cycling. With so many unique and picturesque regions to explore, his goal through Gravel Bike California is to showcase the people, places and history across this state and how biking brings a stronger bond between them.
Angeles National Forest, Eastern Sierra, North Coast
My 11 year old daughter! We’ve had some great trips to Santa Barbara and want to do more.
Pizza! Tasty and always reliable.
My puppy goldendoodle. She reminds me to always have fun and what a good attitude brings!
I try to get Simpsons quotes out of my head, but I haven’t figured out how to turn down the volume yet….
Sea Otter is my favorite bike festival not only because it has something for everyone, but how you discover more along the way.
Having a great spot for our camper last year near the exit and having so many people dropping by to say hi.

Porsha Murdock

Home Base: Bend, OR

Disciplines: Enduro, DH


I love being active and cooking/baking. When it’s the off season I love waking up early and getting some bread ready then going for an afternoon ride or heading up to the mountain to snowboard. I love hosting clinics when I’m home and helping riders develop their skill set as well as working on my own. I love sharing what I’ve learned with people and enjoy learning from them!
More of a spirit person but either Arnold Schwarzenegger or Elaine from Seinfeld
It actually is the Sea Otter Classic. I love that the whole cycling community is in one spot and it’s typically the first race of the year to get in the swing of things.

Crystal Haggard

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA

Disciplines: XC, Gravel, Road, MTB (you name it)


Bikes bring me so much joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the road or on dirt, with or without suspension, slow, fast, alone, with friends or with my family, I love it all. Bicycles have taken me to the most incredible places and introduced me to the most amazing people and by far is my favorite way to explore a new place.
Probably Gravel, it’s the best combo of all worlds.

Wherever friends are at!

Because there is something for EVERYONE! Tell me an age and a riding style and I’ll point you to an event.
I love running into so many old friends, it always feels like a reunion. I also love meeting people that I’ve know through social media, it’s such a treat to meet in real life.

Lawton Denis

Home Base: Albany, NY

Disciplines: Freeride, Enduro



My name is Lawton Denis and I live and breathe adrenaline and speed! I am a bike racer/influencer with over 115000 subscribers on YouTube. With the help of my 14 sponsors, I travel the country with the goal of filming entertaining bike content for my audience on YouTube. If I’m not riding my bike, then I’m most likely modifying and tuning cars for my second YouTube channel. Adrenaline definitely gets me up in the morning!

Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Charlemont, MA
I think it would be cool to ride with Fabio Wibmer.
I think a Cheetah… not really sure why but I just like the way they look😂 and of course they are fast.
Biking without getting tired because if I never got hungry then I wouldn’t eat food…and I really, really like food.
The Sea Otter Classic is definitely my favorite bike festival because it has it all! Almost every brand, people from all around the world, great food, and everyone shares the same passion…bikes.
My favorite or should I say most memorable experience at the Sea Otter Classic, and the one I laugh about the most was when I wheelied over backwards in front a big crowd and landed on my back in the gravel and cut my whole back up. That was actually my worst injury of the year 😂. I was fine and it was so funny.

Martin Jones

Home Base: Centennial, CO

Disciplines: Gravel, Road


0, we’ve got a first timer!

Hello, I am Martin Jones. I am a father of 9 beautiful children and a partner to beautiful woman named Adrienne. I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, and currently reside in Centennial, CO. I got into cycling around 2018, not too long after my father passed away. Cycling for me started as a way to get out and just enjoy the moments of life, without worrying too much about the everyday life stresses. I used this to help ease the hurt from my father’s passing, and it’s evolved into a way of life me now. The physical and mental benefits from cycling is what I love about this sport. I’m working on getting my kids and partner more and more active on these bikes as well. I’ve also become an active member in the BIPOC cycling community here in Colorado and across the US. I’m the founding member of a smaller BIPOC cycling club called Box State CC, and an active member of a cohort for the Ride For Racial Justice cycling team, as well as an active member of the KRT/QRT Cycling Club. I’m doing what I can in my power to bring more BIPOC athletes/cycling to the sport because representation matters.

Anywhere with a beautiful scenery. I really love the gravel roads up in the mountains of Colorado, and around Boulder.

My father… I just wish there was another opportunity for me to spend some time with him and just talk… We didn’t have the best of relationships (wasn’t bad), but I think there was more we could have done/talked about before he passed away.
I would probably have to say Sushi, lol… I can eat sushi every day of my life.
The Wolf… In doing a little reading on this, the wolf “is a powerful spirit animal, symbolizing strength, freedom, and individuality. It is often associated with loyalty, intelligence, and a strong sense of family. In many cultures, the wolf is considered a symbol of protection and guidance, representing the ability to navigate through the challenges of life. The wolf is also often seen as a symbol of the wild, reminding us of our connection to the natural world and the importance of embracing our instincts and inner wisdom. The is a powerful reminder to trust my instincts, stay true to my values and beliefs, and to have the courage to face the unknown.”
Bike without getting tired…. That would be amazing. I’d just ride and ride and enjoy the ride without having to worry about the fatigue that comes with it. I have no problems eating and snacking during rides, as you can see in my body size, lol…
YOLO!!! You Only Live Once! You have to live each and every as if it’s your last. Time is something you will never get back, so you might as well make the most of yours while you’re here, with no regrets.

lol, I SEA what you did here. I’m sure after I attend SOC, this will be my favorite 🙂 I think it’s because of the showcase of events and family and cycling community that make this event so welcoming. I can’t wait to experience it.

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