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At the Sea Otter Classic, we take environmental responsibility seriously. Our goal is to leave the roads and trails of Laguna Seca and the Fort Ord National Monument cleaner than we found them. During Sea Otter, we offer several opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. If we all pitch in, we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Here are few of the important practices that we implement:

  • Reducing Paper: Sea Otter Classic has implemented an electronic athlete registration system which eliminates the need for paper registration forms and associated onsite paperwork. In 2021, we eliminated paper for all participant waiver forms by utilizing an electronic waiver signing system. Additionally, an electronic volunteer sign-up and scheduling platform has eliminated volunteer recruitment paperwork. 
  • Recycling support and quick cardboard removal for exhibitors during move-in.
  • Beverage container, cardboard and paper recycling during the event and in the campgrounds.
  • Reusable pint cups to benefit the Sea Otter Classic Foundation eBikes for Veterans campaign.
  • Food scrap composting: capturing excess food from food vendors to product compost and return to local farms.
  • Edible food recovery: leftover edible food donations are put in the hands of local non-profits.
  • Bicycle tire and tube recycling all four days: attendees are welcome to bring old tires and tubes from home!


Our mission is to leave Laguna Seca and the roads and trails of the Fort Ord National Monument cleaner than we found them, and to give back to the local community along the way. We are proud to partner with  Sierra Nevada to maximize recycling and minimize waste. Please join us by making sure all your recyclables make it straight into one of the blue recycling bins!


Blue Strike Environmental based in Monterey, California has supported the Sea Otter Classic since 2019 working with event staff, vendors, and spectators to engage in recycling, upcycling, and donation of materials as well as baselining the event’s carbon footprint. Blue Strike also manages the event’s on-the-ground stewarding crew, the “Community Green Team” which returns funding to local nonprofits for their involvement.

“Our team has spent over a decade working with prominent clients such as Pebble Beach Company, University of California, Sea Otter Classic, PGA TOUR events, and Big Sur Marathon Foundation to write sustainability plans that outline waste, energy, procurement, and emission goals. We understand that ingraining sustainability into operations requires a top-down and a bottom-up approach using policy, stakeholder engagement, and industry resources to build a framework that can influence event management systems.”

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