Prep Your Bike for Winter

Winter season’s almost here, and the best way to handle the harsh conditions is to be

prepared. WD-40® BIKE® will be back at the Sea Otter Classic in April with a DIY Bike

Wash Station, but you don’t have to wait that long to get your bike cleaned, lubed and

ready to go. Global Mountain Bike Network has a great video that shows ways you can

prep and maintain your mountain bike this winter.


When you get to the event in April, WD-40® BIKE®’s DIY Bike Wash Station will be

there so you can wash your bike using the WD-40® BIKE® All-Purpose Bike Wash and

lube your bike’s chain with either the WD-40® BIKE® Dry or Wet Lube (weather-



Start practicing your preparation now, and learn more at