SP2 Spirulina is dedicated to providing complete health and nutrition to athletes that compete in the most demanding of sports. To prepare and dominate at the Sea Otter Classic its imperative that you have a plan in place that not only includes riding and exercise but also a holistic plan for health and nutrition. We sat down with Tyler, better known on social media as, the Vegan Cyclist, on how he uses our fresh SP2 spirulina in his daily regimen.

“My name is Tyler and I am a cat 2 road cyclist in NCNCA and also a working family man. We are a plant based family of 4 and it has its challenges when it comes to knowing we are getting the right nutrients and enough of them. SP2 algae pods have been such an easy way to know my family and I are getting enough b12 and other essential vitamins and minerals. We add 1-2 pods into our morning smoothie along with some other tasty fruits and veggies and a splash of orange juice. It takes amazing, the algae doesn’t change the taste at all! 

Also, as a vegan elite cyclist I need to ensure I have the fuel to train and race at the top level. Since using SP2 every morning, I have set my best 7 min power of 400 watts, previously I could only hold 400 watts for 5 minutes. A WHOLE extra 2 min! I filmed the effort actually! Plus, on the day I set this PR I snagged a few other KOMS on the way to my PR. It almost feels like SP2 keeps me with “good legs” all the time. It’s a game changer for my family and I, 5 stars!

~The Vegan Cyclist