Dear Sea Otter Supporter,

As Sea Otter enters its 31st year, I’m delighted to announce a major change in the world’s premiere cycling festival.  Specifically, Life Time has acquired the Sea Otter Classic. Life Time is the nation’s preeminent healthy lifestyle brand and owner/producer of multiple renowned athletic events.  They have a history of providing premium, uncompromising race experiences.  Their acquisition of Sea Otter marks yet another important step in the continued growth and success of the event.

I want to emphasize that our leadership team will remain unchanged.  All of our department directors will remain with Sea Otter and will play ongoing roles in the continued growth and success of the event.  I will remain as Director of the Sea Otter Classic. This means that Sea Otter’s future has never been brighter. The growth of cycling across all categories—whether road, mountain, gravel or e-bikes—will continue to be our single-minded priority as we begin our fourth decade of making cycling history. Growth and success don’t happen by chance.  All of you have traveled to Monterey year-after-year to applaud our racers, meet with our exhibitors, and energize the festival. Your support has made the Sea Otter Classic the world’s foremost cycling festival.

Equally so, our sponsors and exhibitors have fueled our engine of success.  Your support has enabled us to create an incredibly strong foundation for the future.  You, too, make the annual trek to Monterey to showcase your newest products and innovative technology.  You have made Sea Otter the must-attend event of the year.

Most importantly, I want to recognize and celebrate our athletes.  You deliver the passion and energy we love so much.  I promise we will continue to offer what you’ve come to expect—steeper drops, higher jumps, tougher races and longer rides.  Our sport is evolving.  And, so is Sea Otter.

Finally, I want to highlight a critical element to our collective future.  Sea Otter has introduced thousands of children to the joy of riding a bike.  Over the years, these new riders have experienced that first thrill of freedom a bicycle offers. Today, those riders are bringing their children to experience the same joy of cycling.  

I am extremely proud of our team and supporters who have made Sea Otter an ­­ annual family tradition.  Looking ahead, our Life Time team will build on this legacy and will continue to inspire the next generation of riders. As the leadership team, we welcome the challenges, the opportunities and the responsibility to make Sea Otter even bigger and better!

All the best in cycling,



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