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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

From the first year, Sea Otter has been about caring for this beautiful Earth we bike on. Please join us in ramping up our environmental efforts!

Reduce: Bring your own reusable cup or mug for beverages. (If you need to purchase one, look for one of the many stainless steel ones available, to reduce consumption of plastic.)

Reuse: Many people like to carry their own reusable cloth napkin and silverware, and some also bring a camping plate/bowl in their walkabout bag or pack. Although this isn’t a habit everyone is accustomed to, please make it a goal. Eliminating the use of throwaways, even some of the time, means you will help further reduce the carbon footprint of this event. Besides, it makes your dining experience more pleasurable!

Recycle: Naturally, make sure all your recyclables disposed of at the event get put into one of Sea Otter’s recycle bins.

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Sierra Nevada Beer Garden

Wanna know a great place for athletes to rest those pedaling legs while they regale friends and strangers alike with their best race stories? Visit Sierra Nevada’s Beer Garden! This is a unique Sea Otter spot, for ages 21 and up.

Here’s the place to purchase a wide selection of Sierra Nevada beers (of course) and wine is available as well. Must be 21 or older. Photo ID required.

There are some additional benefits that come with age, and here are some more: Sierra Nevada’s Beer Garden is a terrific spot for viewing some of the best cycling and people-watching. It’s located on the edge of the Expo, so you have a window on lots of exciting Expo activities!

Food vendors at Sierra Nevada’s Beer Garden serve up tasty barbecue, along with many other menu items. There are picnic tables and an indoor dining area, too.

A Toast to Safety

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office is represented at the Sea Otter Classic, and all California laws about alcohol use apply at this event. For cyclists, this includes Vehicle Code Section 21200.5.

Go ahead and revel in the refreshing brews and sip that California (or other) wine. Just be sure you’re ready to bike, or drive, before heading on down the road.

Keep That Road Beautiful

Sea Otter’s mission includes leaving this beautiful area clean, and that means along bikeways and roads in the vicinity as well as within Laguna Seca. Please partner with us by making sure all recyclables make it straight into one of the recycling cans!

Consider the coming generations. Keeping this area beautiful—and leaving the entire Earth in better shape—means that in the decades ahead, the under-21s can have their turn at enjoying fun times in the Beer Garden!

Wait a minute! What about a place where under-21s, or those in the company of minors, can enjoy barbecue, alcoholic beverages, and other food and drinks? No worries, there’s a place for you too–visit or Stadium Food Court or Brews and Bites!

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Food Courts

Hungry? Chefs from more than a dozen different food vendors are ready for you in three locations at Sea Otter. These select vendors know that being outdoors—especially being on a bike—works up a healthy appetite. They have healthy culinary options: salads, smoothies, vegetarian options, chicken, and more. Of course, the Sea Otter Classic is a festival, and the celebratory atmosphere brings out the desire for traditional fair food for many people. We’ve got that covered, too! The cooks at Sea Otter will be offering a large variety of culinary options in the following locations at the Expo:

Sierra Nevada Beer Garden

Brews and Bites

Stadium Food Court

Click here for a map of locations.